EPF – Details about Employees’ Provident Fund

EPF or Provide fund is a government based fund that is deposited into employees’ provident fund account. The account is contributed by employer as well as a part of employee’s salary is deposited into the account. Government of India provides financial help for epf account holders.

Every EPF account has its own unique number known as UAN or Universal Account number. The UAN number is used to login, contribute, check balance, update passbook and withdraw, transfer or claim epf balance.

How much PF is deducted from salary?

According to EPFO, upto 12% of an employee’s salary is to be deposited into his/her EPF account. The same amount is to be deposited by the employer too. Total contribution of employee and employer is upto 24% of salary.

Employee’s Provident Fund Organization or EPFO

To maintain and regulate functions related to PF accounts, government has established an institution named EPFO. The full form of EPFO is Employees’ Provident Fund Organization.

EPFO works under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India.

What is Employee’s Provident Fund Scheme?

Employees’ Provident fund scheme is a retirement benefit program that enables all salary based employees to get a part of their salary saved as PF. Any company that has more than 20 employees are instructed to have PF accounts for their employees and make employer contribution to the account too.

EPFO Services

Here is a list of information about EPF that explain the function and processes related to EPF accounts.

Universal Account NumberUAN Activation
UAN registrationUAN Status Check
UAN CardUAN helpdesk
EPFO Member LoginEPFO Employer Login
EPF Unified PortalOTCP
EPF Transfer onlineEPF transfer status
EPF ClaimPF Claim Status
Check EPF BalanceEPF Passbook
EPFO e SewaEPFO Mobile App
EPFO Mobile AppEPF Online Payment

For more information related to EPF, go to official website – https://www.epfindia.gov.in/ .