UAN – Details EPF Universal Account Number

UAN or Universal Account Number is unique number of EPF account that is issued by Employee’s Provident Fund Organization. Every PF account holder needs to have UAN for using unified portal services. UAN number is important to avail services like checking EPF balance, update PF passbook, claim EPF and check status.

How to get EPF UAN number?

UAN number is allotted by EPFO to every Provident account holder. You can get UAN through new EPF mobile app issued by Government of India. The app is called UMANG app.

UMANG EPFO App to get UAN number

Also, you can use UAN portal to get Universal Account Number easily.

  1. Open UMANG App.
  2. Go to EPFO services.
EPFO services in Umang App
  1. Select ‘Check EPF Status’ page.
  2. Select name of your state.
  3. Select EPF office name.
  4. Enter PF number, and personal details.
  5. Click on Get Authorization Pin.
  6. Enter OTP received on registered mobile number.
  7. Get UAN number on mobile phone via SMS.

How many digits are there in UAN number?

There are 12 digits in UAN number.

UAN number is unique for every EPF account and remains same throughout the life of the account holder. It is known as ‘One Employee One UAN‘ .No UAN number can have more of less than 12 digits.

Please note than UAN number is different from PF number. PF numbers can be found on the printed receipt of your UAN account.

Are PF number and UAN number same?

No, UAN number is different from PF number. PF number is the ID number of EPF account holders whereas UAN number is the serial number of the EPF account.

PF number and Member ID are same.

Use of UAN number

There are various benefits of UAN number -\

  1. EPF Account Balance Enquiry – You can use UAN number to check balance in EPF account. UAN number enables you to know PF account balance online through Unified member portal.
  2. PF Transfer – One more benefit of UAN number is that it helps PF account holders in doing PF transfer easily. You can transfer PF balance online using UAN number through Umang App and EPF portal.
  3. Withdraw PF balance – UAN number is mandatory for withdrawing PF account balance. You cannot withdrwa PF balance without UAN by any method.
  4. Check EPF claim status – You can also use the Universal Account Number to check EPF claim status easily. PF claims require you to have a UAN number. You can use UAN for login and check claim status online.

Contact UAN Helpdesk

Earlier, EPFO had a helpline services to solve problems related to UAN accounts. The helpline service was called UAN Helpdesk and was available at the official website of epf india. But now, UAN helpdesk has been discontinued.

old UAN helpdesk

Instead, you can contcat EPFO office for problems related to UAN. Also, you can use EPFO Umang app or pf app for help related to EPFO.

UAN services

Learn about services related to UAN from list below –