PRAN Login – NPS CRA-NSDL Account Login

PRAN Card holders can login to their NPS account via CRA-NSDL website. They need to have the subscriber login details like PRAN and Password. Also, to login using PRAN, you are required to verify using Captcha code provided on the login page.

Check complete details about PRAN Card login below.

How to login to PRAN account using I-PIN?

Before you start using the CRA login page, you are required to create PRAN password first. For that, you need to go to CRA-NSDL login page and login using I PIN.

How to get I PIN for PRAN Login?

To get I PIN for PRAN, you need to contact your nodal officer. From the NSDL office or PRAN Kit, you can get your I PIN for logging in. Please note that you need I PIN for the first login only. After that, you can set password and login using that.

How to create PRAN password?

To generate password for NPS account, you need to login for the first time using the I PIN. After that, you have to follow following steps to create PRAN password.

NPS Password generation

  1. Login to CRA website using I PIN.
  2. Accept terms and conditions.
  3. Go to redirected page.
  4. Set new password for PRAN login.
  5. Set secret question for resetting password later.
  6. Destroy I-PIN document after setting password.

Instructions for setting CRA password

Upon first time login, you will be asked to generate password. For generating password, here are some of the instructions to follow –

  1. Password should be alpha-numeric.
  2. Password must have a special character.
  3. Password should be maximum 14 characters long.
  4. Password should be minimum 8 characters long.

PRAN Card login

To log into NPS account using PRAN number, follow these steps –

  1. Go to CRA-NSDL website.
PRAN login cra-nsdl
  1. Go to subscriber’s login section.
  2. Enter PRAN.
  3. Enter password/I-PIN.
  4. Enter captcha and click on submit.

You will redirected to your NPS account dashboard.

If you forget password for NPS account, you can reset it using following process.

CRA-NSDL – Forgot Password?

If you want to reset password for CRA login, choose one of these two methods –

  1. Reset Password using I-PIN
Reset CRA NSDL password using PRAN
  1. Instant Set/Reset Password
Forgot password for NSDL login

In the first case, you shall have to enter your PRAN and verify captcha. After that, you’ll be asked to verify your PRAN using OTP. You can then set your forgotten password.

In second option, you shall have to choose between these two options –

  • Reset IPIN via Nodel Office
  • Reset IPIN via OTP.

After that, follow these steps to reset forgotten password –

  1. Enter OTP received on registered mobile number.
  2. Enter PRAN number.
  3. Enter Date of birth.
  4. Set new password and confirm.
  5. Enter captcha and click on Submit button.

If you have any problems with PRAN login process, contact NSDL here.